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What is Candid Wedding Photography

There is a lot of confusion, especially in the Indian Wedding market about what is candid wedding photography? It has now been established as a benchmark and easy reference for the quality photographs so many photographers (not all) and clients tends to overlook the real meaning of this word. A usual wedding photography will need a mix of shots which may include posed based photographs and Candid, macro shotsetc.

Candid Wedding Photography

In my opinion, a candid photograph of a person or group means a picture which reflects the true emotion of that particular time when a photographer click. Usually, when the subject looks to the photographer or photographer, ask them to look, it takes away the real impetus of the activity and they become camera conscious. In the hustle and bustle of a wedding ceremony, there is countless emotion which comes out in bride and groom’s mind. Wait enthusiasm, fear, smile, crying and a lot of emotional moments. Emotions are like a flowing river, if you stop, it will adulterate. So as a candid photographer, you have topick up those innocent true moments and capture in the frame.

Candid wedding photography in Bangalore

Thus the candid wedding shots are just one of the parts of complete wedding photo packages. A complete wedding photo package may require many posed photos, macro and detailed photographs. Depending on the client’s requirement, a photographer or a group of photographer can serve the complete wedding photo package. But if they justask for “Candid” Photographs, make sure you understand their intention that they intend only for the candid shots or complete wedding photography.